We got an original request for these shirts and Angie (the owner) just could not charge for these.  The coupon code is "BlackLivesMatter".  We made the original two free for the client, then Angie made one for herself.

She posted about this on facebook and people started asking how to donate to allow others to get these shirts, people started requesting shirts, and now it's all a little crazy.

It costs about $10 to make each shirt with vinyl, one by one.  We also charge $10 for shipping flat rate.  Plus sizes are a little extra too.  On this one design, we are only accepting requests for black tees.  If you want another color or another garment, we are going to run it as a regular sale (with a 50% off discount, as we are discounting all BLM related items 50% right now). 

So we are accepting donations for shirts, but we won't charge for these (unless you are a plus size or need them shipped).  We just can't imagine charging someone for these when they potentially could be shot protecting protesters.

For the full story on these shirts, please click here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10158402217924133&set=a.199591899132&type=3&theater


Please only request if you are actually using this to protest, not just to add a selfie of you wearing it for insta.  True revolutionaries only.  We reserve the right to refuse to send shirts to anyone we think is taking advantage of this opportunity to be a dick.


If you would like to donate, please chose one of the Paypal options below (a couple of extra dollars in there for Paypal fees):

1 shirt: paypal.me/customistic/10.00
5 shirts: paypal.me/customistic/51.00
10 shirts: paypal.me/customistic/103.00
25 shirts: paypal.me/customistic/255.00

**These are from a special collection of designs Angie loves, posts on social media, and discounts because she wants more of them in the world.

If they start shooting (shirt)

  • Shirts printed by young Las Vegas women who really appreciate you getting them off the couch and letting them work. <3


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How to do the Crazy T-shirt Fold

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