Why Get Custom Shirts

Custom Shirts For Everyone

Everyone has a favorite shirt. Whether it’s that old t-shirt you just can’t seem to throw away or that brand new sweatshirt you just got on sale, everyone has a piece of clothing that they absolutely love. Think what you want about clothes, they are quite necessary just about everywhere you go. So why not wear clothes that you actually like wearing? Here at Customistic, the best custom screen printing company in Las Vegas, we offer custom shirts, hoodies, and more for all of our customers. Keep scrolling to see why you should get custom clothing from Customistic, or contact us to get started on your order with a free quote today!

What We Can Make For You:

  • Custom shirts

  • Sweatshirts & hoodies

  • Baby/toddler clothes

  • Car decals

  • Custom aluminum signs

  • Banners

  • And more!

Who Is Customistic?

If you aren’t familiar with our story, let us fill you in a bit before we get started on your custom clothing. We’re originally from a far away land called Jacksonville, FL. We started back in 2006 after our fearless leader Angie Morelli when she got back from deployment in Afghanistan. Back then we only offered a select number of shirts in just a few colors. However, after moving to Las Vegas and changing our name in 2007, we started offering more and more for our customers. Now you can get custom designs in just about any color you can think of on things like shirts, coffee mugs, vinyl stickers, aluminum car plates, and much much more. When you need custom clothes and screen printing in Las Vegas, then be sure to come to Customistic.

Benefits Of Custom Clothing

There are plenty of benefits to owning custom clothes and accessories. Whether you’re planning on wearing them to the mailbox or out to your next fancy soiree, we’re sure you’ll absolutely love your custom clothes. Here are just some of the top benefits from getting custom clothes and accessories from Customistic.


Anyone can buy a name brand belt or overpriced shirt that comes pretorn, but how many hoodies do you see of your cousin doing a faceplant at the last family reunion? Have you seen a vinyl sticker of that really cool drawing you did for your friend in the stores? Unfortunately you probably can’t. However, you can be one of, if not the only person, to have these and other exclusive items when you come to Customistic. We can create custom clothes and accessories for you that no one else has. Let those other people stand in line for days waiting for a pair of shoes that cost a small loan to purchase, come here and get a truly unique item that nobody else can get.


Sure, store-bought items and nicknacks can mean a lot. Not only are they cool but something you pick up at the store can also have sentimental and nostalgic value. However, chances are whatever you pick up from the store is highly generic. When you get custom shirts or accessories from Customistic, you can make your item or items truly meaningful to you and anyone you may want to share them with. Include family members, friends, and create your custom clothes or other items exactly how you want. At Customistic, you’ll get custom items that you and others are sure to cherish forever.

Look Amazing

Everyone wants to look their best. While designer clothes can help with that, everyone feels better in clothes that are comfortable while also having sentimental value to them. With custom clothes from Customistic, you’re sure to get a look that you love and a style that you’ll always want to show off. Our custom clothing is designed to show off your uniqueness while also allowing you to feel comfortable and confident with what you’re wearing. On top of that, your clothes will be your very own design, showing off your individuality and creative style. When you want custom clothes that you’ll look great in, then Customistic is the perfect place for you.