custom banners

Banner Max High Quality Banner

  • 14 oz material

  • Sewn and Grommeted

  • 9×9 1000 denier scrim for maximum strength

  • Available in White, Black and Red same day service

  • Available in Green, Purple, Royal, Navy, Maroon, Orange, Yellow, Grey, Forest Green 1 week service

2' x 4' - $45  |  3' x 4' - $65  |  2' x 8' - $85

We also do banner by the roll, where we hem the edges with banner tape and grommet in-store.  This only comes in white and is charged $6 per square foot.

Banners make dreams come true.

So back in like 2012 we made this banner for Chance (who worked for us in 2009) and had come home to see Shania Twain in concert (Shania Twain is like Chance's Bruce Lee).  He REALLY wanted her to sign his arm so he could go get it tattooed.

He came in and wanted a shirt, but we made him this banner so he could sneak in with it in his shirt and display it.  

Which he totally did, she totally signed his arm and he totally got his tattoo.

Banners make dreams come true people.  Come in and make your dream come true today.

Colors Available in store*: Black, white

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