Custom Car Magnets Las Vegas

Custom Car Magnets Las Vegas

Turn your vehicle into mobile advertising with custom car magnets in Las Vegas. When your car has personalized car magnets then it shows off your business wherever you go! Customistic has helped countless businesses with their car magnet needs. You have the option to choose different colors and designs for your personalized car magnet.

Car magnets can be placed anywhere on your vehicle as long as you have enough space. We recommend placing it somewhere it is easily visible and readable. Maybe behind the car or on your side door! Wherever it is placed it will definitely accent your car and your business.

Personalized Car Magnets
For Your Business

Customistic is your one-stop-shop for all of your signage needs. Whether you need custom signs or custom car magnets we can help you! Our business has helped our community with their signage needs since 2007. We’re able to explore all of your options within your budget and means. First, we go over what you want to print then we create the perfect design for your business.

Place custom car magnets anywhere on your vehicle that you best see fit. The great thing about personalized car magnets is that they go anywhere and everywhere you go. So, whenever you drive your vehicle then you’re able to reach new people while driving.

Personalized Car Magnets For Your Business

Custom Car Magnets

EnduraMAG pre-cut magnetic sign blanks – first rate, superior, 30 mil flexible material that holds onto vehicles even at high speeds. They conform well to most metal surfaces and are easy to remove. Blanks have rounded corners to prevent wind lift off.​

Ready in 1 hour

12″ x 24″ custom car magnets

But, because this is Customistic and we tell you what’s up regardless of how it affects our sales, we have to explain that there are certain drawbacks to magnets.  Unless you have one of the uses listed above, we have to take some time to try to caution you about car magnets before you purchase them.  

1) Vinyl decals just look so much more professional, and they are cheaper.  We really recommend sticking with that option if you can.  

2) If you don’t do the proper maintenance on these magnets they will lose their ability to stick to your car and they can actually mess up your paint job.  Magnets aren’t rated to be UV transparent, meaning their presence will eventually leave a mark on your paint job where you have them stored due to being less faded than your actual paint.  The rest of the maintenance is listed on the instructions above.

3) While these are the strongest magnets you can buy for this purpose, they are not guaranteed to stay on your car.  Car exteriors are no longer being made exclusively with metal and are now being made with concentrations of plastic as well, and every car differs on how strongly they hold the magnets.

4) BUT, the biggest reason you should not buy these is that this is Las Vegas, and for some reason, people in Vegas like to steal these magnets.  We know, it’s really stupid and no, we have no idea what these people do with advertisements of other people’s businesses but it does happen, quite often.  Please be aware of this possibility.

​If we haven’t warned you off yet, then we would love to make some beautiful business advertising for you.

For care instructions as to how to take care of your magnets and not let them destroy your paint job,

Custom Car Magnet
Custom Car Magnet
Check Magnet Instruction

Benefits of Having Custom Car Magnets in Las Vegas

Here are the many benefits of having custom car magnets in Las Vegas:

  • Sticks to your vehicle at higher speeds
  • Easy to remove & install
  • Mobile way to advertise your business
  • Multiple ways to design it
  • Strongest magnets you can get

Customistic helps you create the best custom car magnets for your business. As long as you’re able to imagine a design then we’re able to create a magnet for your business. While personalized car magnets are great there are a few things to note about them.

One, explore all of your options that may fit your budget and needs when it comes to custom signs. Personalized car decals are a great cost-effective alternative to these special magnets. Second, some cars are made with various materials besides metal, so some car magnets may have a tougher time staying in place. Lastly, these magnets aren’t UV transparent so they may leave a mark on your vehicle’s paint job. However, car magnets are still a safe and great way to advertise your business or company!

Benefits of Having Custom Car Magnets in Las Vegas

How To Design Your Personalized Car Magnets in Las Vegas

Designing your personalized car magnet in Las Vegas is easy with Customistic. We want your car magnet to be the best version it can be. So, we go over all of your styles and designs that fit your company the best. Once you’ve settled on a design then we go to work by producing the car magnet.

Customistic can add any element or logo needed to personalize your car magnet. We want to make sure that you’re absolutely happy with the finished product. This is what makes Customistic the best company for car magnets in Las Vegas.

Contact Customistic For The Best Car Magnets

Our business has helped countless people and businesses with all of their sign needs. We provide the best car magnets, custom t-shirts, vinyl decals, and more! As long as you’re able to envision an idea then we can make that dream come true. Customistic uses car magnets that have rounded corners so that it stays put on your vehicle at higher speeds.

Be sure to contact Customistic to design your personalized car magnet! Adding any element or logo to customize your car magnet is what we do best.