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As of March 22, 2022 we have updated this contact page so you can send us multiple images at once. Since it’s a BRAND new contact form, if you have ANY problems with this please call us (option 3) and please tell us what’s going wrong so we can fix it hella quickly. We apologize in advance for any hiccups!​

Kinda know what you want? Answer these questions and we will get back to you lickety-split with a quote. The more questions you answer the faster you will get an accurate quote. Just FYI, white garments are usually the cheapest. One color is usually the cheapest. And if you are getting 50+ garments, we will try to get you to do screenprint (2-week service) because that’s the cheapest. But with all that in mind, we can do anything you want.

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We know most shops will turn around quotes or price sheets with very little info, but we are way better than them and offer so many different types of services that we really need all these details to quote you out accurately. You should get a copy of your request via email after submission. If you don’t, you spelled your email address wrong and we will respond and you will never get it. So give us a call, we will find your email and get you squared away if that happens.

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