custom car magnets

EnduraMAG pre-cut magnetic sign blanks – first rate, superior, 30 mil flexible material that holds onto vehicles even at high speeds. They conform well to most metal surfaces and are easy to remove. Blanks have rounded corners to prevent wind lift off.

12" x 24"

Ready in 1 hour

But, because this is Customistic and we tell you what’s up regardless of how it affects our sales, we have to explain that there are certain drawbacks to magnets.  Unless you have one of the uses listed above, we have to take some time to try to caution you about car magnets before you purchase them.  


1) Vinyl decals just look so much more professional, and they are cheaper.  We really recommend sticking with that option if you can.  

2) If you don’t do the proper maintenance on these magnets they will lose their ability to stick to your car and they can actually mess up your paint job.  Magnets aren’t rated to be UV transparent, meaning their presence will eventually leave a mark on your paint job where you have them stored due to being less faded than your actual paint.  The rest of the maintenance is listed on the instructions above.


3) While these are the strongest magnets you can buy for this purpose, they are not guaranteed to stay on your car.  Car exteriors are no longer being made exclusively with metal and are now being made with concentrations of plastic as well, and every car differs on how strongly they hold the magnets.


4) BUT, the biggest reason you should not buy these is that this is Las Vegas, and for some reason, people in Vegas like to steal these magnets.  We know, it’s really stupid and no, we have no idea what these people do with advertisements of other people’s businesses but it does happen, quite often.  Please be aware of this possibility.

If we haven’t warned you off yet, then we would love to make some beautiful business advertising for you.

For care instructions as to how to take care of your magnets and not let them destroy your paint job,

please click here.

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