Own garments & stuff

You don't have to buy our things, we just recommend it.  We know where our stuff comes from, what it's made of, what it's treated with, and where things look best on them.  And when you purchase from us, you are also paying the markup on us pulling another one off the shelf if we screw it up.  If you don't we can't pull another off the shelf for a screw-up.  Also:

- We are one of the few shops that will print on a client’s own garment because of the problems this tends to cause.

- We cannot take responsibility for your item or promise it will be made perfectly.  We make literally thousands of completely different items a month and there are going to be mistakes.  We hope it's not on your shirt but we all gotta accept things happen.

- We can’t take clients items unless they are willing to accept this.  

- If you purchase a shirt from us, you are paying out mark up on shirts that we have calculated to cover the shirts we sometimes screw up.  If you are bringing in your own garment, the service fee you are charged does not include that mark up because you have not paid for a garment.


- This waiver is not just for if a machine or process messes up, it also covers us for if one of our t-shirt ninja fairies messes up as well, for all the reasons listed above.


- Let’s put it this way.  We sell hoodies for $31.  If you bring in your own hoodie, we can’t take a $31 risk for a $19 print.  Does that make sense?

- If you don’t agree to any of this, please, please just purchase your garment from us so you don’t have to worry about any of this.  

See our "Own Garment Waiver" here: