application fluid

Comes in 2 oz. spray bottles

Don’t buy an application fluid and a prep fluid, buy both in one bottle!

RapidTac is the original Application fluid specifically formulated for vinyl signs and graphics. Vanilla scented; no irritating aromas or vapors.

Using Rapid Tac Application fluid can often allow a large graphic to be installed with one person where two people were required to perform the same installation dry. Rapid Tac also cleans the substrate without leaving residues ensuring a contaminant-free installation. Rapid Tac Application Fluid’s best feature is that it effectively breaks the surface tension of the adhesive on the film allowing it to flow and bond to the substrate more effectively than even a dry application. It is now possible to achieve a full bond in as little as ninety seconds.

Compatible with all standard vinyl films.


lil' chizler

Remove vinyl and adhesive gunk with this sign making tool.

  • Endless uses: Smooth Caulking and Putty, Auto Detailing, Signs & Scrapbooks


sqeegee icon.png


This squeegee has a ribbed profile with radial corners in a poly-flow blend.

  • With a medium flex and high glide, this squeegee creates easy smooth usage

  • Sharper, “I.M.” injection molded edge

  • Ideal for use on vinyl, film, graphics, tape, and silk screen

  • Ideal for pressure-sensitive sign applications

  • Convenient, easy to control 4 inch length



Colors Available in store*: Black, white

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All the accessories you need to professionally install, remove or repair any decals.