Are Car Magnets Different From Regular Magnets?

Are Car Magnets Different From Regular Magnets

Most people use car magnets to advertise their businesses or support something they believe in, some use them as memorials, and some use them just because they want to decorate their car. Whatever the reason is, most people will ask themselves at some point in their life if a car magnet and a regular magnet are different from one another. There are a few ways that the magnets differ and this blog will answer all your questions and more!

Car Magnets

A car magnet generally is pretty thin (30 mil) and bendable because it needs to be able to stick to the car and the curves of the car. Car Magnets are usually made of permanent vinyl with a magnetic backing. Car magnets can be used to promote a business or a service effectively. They can be removed from one vehicle and added to another easily.

Our car magnets come in a variety of colors in 12” x 24” pre-cut rectangles ready to apply immediately after pickup. The idea of a car magnet sign is to stand out easily on your car!

They Are Removeable and Can Be Reapplied at Anytime!

Car Magnets and car decals are becoming much more popular as more and more folks live in HOAs with restrictions for business advertising on their vehicles (which is common in Vegas), or for businesses who would sometimes not want to advertise what’s in their vehicles (locksmiths, security, handymen, realtors, etc.).

Are you intimidated by messing up the application of a vinyl decal? Get a magnet and remove and reapply it to your OCD heart’s content!

Do you have delivery drivers using their own cars? Have them apply these magnets for advertising and brand trust during deliveries.

Give Your Clients a Sense of Ease

Having vehicles with branded content on them when you roll up to someone’s home makes the homeowners more comfortable with your techs. Have you ever hailed an Uber or Lyft and they arrive without the insignia on their cars? How did that make you feel? Do you have techs or employees driving in vehicles without your brand on them while you are paying them? Have them use the magnets to advertise while they drive and ease client apprehension!

Car advertising makes your business look more legitimate. They show off professionalism and provide trust in your services.

How Many Car Magnets Do I Need?

Generally, clients will get 2-3 magnets. EIther two for either side, or either side and the back of the vehicle. They are so cheap and such a long lasting product that it should be an easy decision to get all the magnets you need!

Contact Customistic for all your Car Magnet Needs

You can contact Customistic for any car magnets you may need. Customistic strives to give each customer the best experience possible! Everything we do is custom-made to each customer’s specifications. Let us customize your life with magnets! We only offer 12″ x 24″ car magnets to cover your car, but we have been making them for over 15 years. Look at this magnet we did 17 years ago in North Carolina!

How Much Do Car Magnets Cost?

For 1 color car magnets, they are $35 for one or $60 for 2. For 2 color magnets, they are $45 for one or $80 for 2. We would have them done in an hour or so.

How Do I Care For My Car Magnets?

When you purchase car magnets from Customistic, you will get this sheet with instructions as to how to care for them. Put it in your glove compartment and review it every once in a while to make sure you are getting the most out of your purchase.

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