Are Car Magnets Different From Regular Magnets?

Are Car Magnets Different From Regular Magnets

Most people use car magnets to support something they believe in, some use them as memorials, and some use them just because they want to decorate their car. Whatever the reason is most people will ask themselves at some point in their life if a car magnet and a regular magnet are different from one another. There are a few ways that the magnets differ and this blog will answer all your questions and more!

Car Magnets

A car magnet generally is pretty thin and bendable because it needs to be able to stick to the car and the curves of the car. Car Magnets are usually made of permanent vinyl with a magnetic backing. Car magnets can be used to promote a business or a service effectively. There are different kinds of car magnets also.

Car magnets come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. A car magnet can basically be cut into any shape you want. Car magnet signs on the other hand come in different sizes but usually one basic shape. The idea of a car magnet sign is to stand out easily on your car! Car Magnets and car deacals are becoming much more popular and affordable rather than getting a custom paint job for your business promotion purposes.

Regular Magnets

Regular magnets can be thicker depending on how strong the magnet is. Most permanent magnets contain iron, nickel, or cobalt. People will usually put regular magnets on their refrigerators. Regular magnets come in all shapes but are usually on the smaller side for size.

Regular magnets are not usually made for promoting business, they’re more made for commemorative reasons and for souvenirs from travels. Regular magnets are made on a smaller scale and can be made multiple at a time.

What’s the Difference between Car Magnets and Regular Magnets?

The main difference between car magnets and regular magnets is the size. Car magnets are made much larger than regular magnets. If you need a highly visible promo that can be seen from a distance even on a moving car you want a car magnet sign.

Regular magnets are not going to be able to be seen from a distance and especially not on a moving car. Regular magnets are better used in your home and not on your car. Regular magnets can also potentially fall off your car because they are not securely attached when you are driving.

How do you make Car Magnets Versus Regular Magnets?

The process of making car magnets and regular magnets is pretty similar. As long as you have a magnetic backing and a design. Car magnets will be made larger than regular magnets. Car magnets will usually only have permanent vinyl. You don’t want to add anything extra to a car magnet. Customistic car magnets are made to perfection! When making regular magnets you can pretty much make whatever you want and stick a magnet on the back of your design.
Car magnets tend to be a little more complicated to make due to their size.

Car magnets also have to be cut a specific way, you can’t just take scissors and cut the magnet. Often times when cutting a car magnet you want to use an Exacto knife to get the crisp clean cuts. Exacto knives also give you total control over where and when you are cutting the actual magnet part.

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