Memorial Shirts: Best Way To Honor Your Loved One

Memorial Shirts Best Way To Honor Your Loved One

First, we have to assume anyone who has stumbled upon this page has recently lost a loved one, and we wish to tell you how sorry we are for your loss. We hope we can help comfort you and your loved ones by at least getting you the information you need to get your memorial project done perfectly. But we are so sorry you are going through this.


Memorial shirts for loved ones are probably the most serious sets of shirts we regularly do for clients. If you have a loved one who passes away and you come to us to help memorialize your loved one, we take that responsibility VERY seriously. We know this is a stressful time for your family and do everything in our power to make this responsibility of yours as frictionless as possible. We want to help honor your loved one with reliable shirts that will last you forever, look better than you were picturing, and work with you to create a shirt design that comforts your entire family and friends for years to come.

More Than Just A One-Time Memorial

Not only do memorial shirts show solidarity, respect, and love on the day of the memorial service, but they are a wonderful way to remember and celebrate our loved ones. Customistic prints the highest quality, most empathic t-shirts we possibly can under these scenarios (even considering often TIGHT timelines). This gives the owners of these shirts the ability to continually honor or remember their loved one for years to come.

If your loved one died because of an injustice, they also serve as a constant reminder of what happened to them so that they don’t just end up as another statistic.


Why Is Customistic The Best For Getting My Commemorative Shirts Done?

We have already explained how seriously we take these orders and how much we care about the perfection of the design and giving you a frictionless experience. But additionally, Customistic is uniquely the best business to do these orders because clients usually need these orders in an extremely short amount of time.

Not only are we the one shirt shop in Las Vegas that keeps the best shirts in ALLLLL the land; not only do we have the broadest range of styles of garments on hand at all times, but we are also the fastest decoration shop. We can print you a shirt in 20 minutes. We can print 50 shirts in 3 hours (if you want to pay that premium).

Customistic has explicitly set up our entire operation around quality and QUICK turnaround, so we are the best equipped to get you that memorial order seamlessly, reliably, and practically. Customistic is the best for that same-day or rush print job for memorial and R.I.P. shirts.

Also, Angie, the owner of Customistic, got her start making Marine Corps decals, which included way too many Memorial Decals for the Marines she served with. She has been doing these designs and taking them to heart since 2002. She makes sure everyone who is a designer understands what a serious situation this is for families- and how vitally important it is that we get these orders right.

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All The Same Design Or All Different Designs?

If everyone in the group gets the same design on all the shirts, that will be significantly cheaper than if everyone receives a custom design. If there is a “bulk” order of 5+ shirts with the same design, you will pay only one setup fee instead of shirts with all different designs, which will require a separate design fee for each setup.

bulk design compare to unique

All Unisex Shirts Or Mixing Different Styles Of Shirts?

We generally quote you for white, unisex, S-XL crew neck shirts (unless otherwise specified). However, we know many people want black shirts or other colors for commemorative shirts, so please make sure you select which color you would like (while keeping in mind that printing on unisex, crew neck, white shirts will ALWAYS be the cheapest option).

If you mix those with girl shirts, children’s shirts, v-neck shirts, own garments, you may be expected to pay a higher fee.

Also, please remember that if you want to print photos, we need the highest concentration of cotton in those shirts to make them last you the longest.

What Do I Need To Place A Memorial Order?

  1. We need the total amount of shirts, sizes, colors, etc. for everyone in your group. It is best to collect this information before coming in, so you don’t need to wait for people to text or call you back while placing your order. An estimate of the quantity, color, and basic decoration you want will help us get you the most accurate quote.
  2. The HIGHEST resolution photos to choose from. It is always best to have a few pictures in mind to show your designer to make sure we are picking out the best for the design you want. Things you want to avoid:
    • Low-resolution photos:
      • They may look good on your phone (which has a 3” widescreen), but when we go to blow them up to be 12”-14” on your shirt, they are not going to look good.
      • Screenshots (where the photo has black on the top and bottom) are low resolution. Please do not screenshot images from texts, Facebook, etc. Instead, please click and “save” those photos, then email us the saved photos.
      • Photos texted or downloaded from social media are also not the best quality. They are certainly better than screenshotting these photos, but those still will not be the best quality printed.
      • Any photos you have the ORIGINAL photo of should be emailed to us for the highest resolution. Our printer prints at 1200×1200 dpi. It’s SUPER fancy, and we want to use our fancy machine to make you the best-looking photos.
      • It is ALWAYS better to provide us with a digital copy of the photo rather than printing it out.
      • Photos where the top of the head is missing or where the subject is standing close to another person. It’s hard to make these look right for these shirts.
      • Photos where the person’s hair, clothing, or skin color is too close to the image’s background. In most cases, we want to cut out that background, but if they had black hair and the background was black, we can’t cut that background out and have it look right.
      • We REALLY recommend coming in with these photos already. We see sooooooo many families come in to place this order, not have their photo right, then spending up to an hour or so just hunting for photos and feeling rushed into the decision. So we very much recommend choosing these photos with your families before coming in to place the order.
      • Photos of them doing something they loved are always a hit.
      • Something that will visually communicate a positive aspect of their life generally is accepted by all loved ones.
      • Did they have a FAVORITE hat or shirt or another item they loved? Find a picture of them with that!


Accurate “Sunrise” and “Sunset” dates. This is a stressful time, and we know that sometimes we misremember details, but this is the #1 source of frustration for some clients; they give us the wrong dates and are now stuck with many inaccurate shirts. We try to remember to tell all memorial clients to TRIPLE CHECK their dates to ensure they are accurate before placing your order.

Different Types Of Designs And Purposes

There are a TON of different ideas for designs. While we have some examples to show you, we take pride in not having boring, unoriginal templates we must stick to, like most other shirt shops. Instead, we want each design to be custom-made for your loved ones. It is our pleasure to have you come in and help us perfect the font, colors, designs, etc., so that you truly have a unique design to remember your loved one.

If you don’t know where to begin, we suggest you start on google images or Pinterest to see the range of ideas other people have done in the past. Then, if you want to save some of those ideas (if you like the font in this design or the wings and halo in this design), we can see what you want and put something together very similar (and probably better!) whatever you find online.

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Consider These Common Elements

There are many common elements on R.I.P. shirts, but there are two main categories. If you want to be prepared to place your order, have your family/friends agree on which elements would honor your loved one best!

Common Saying:

  • In Memory Of
  • Rest In Peace/Power
  • An Angel got his/her/their wings
  • Forever in our hearts
  • In Honor of
  • In Loving Memory
  • Until we meet again
  • Long Live

Common Saying:

  • R.I.P.
  • In memorandum
  • Always in our Hearts
  • Your Star Shines On
  • Long Live ____
  • Only the Good Die Young
  • Rest in Heaven
  • Too Great to Be Forgotten
  • Never Forget

Common Clipart:

  • Halo
  • Clouds
  • Sky
  • Sunset
  • Flowers
  • Wreaths
  • Clipart frames
  • Banners
  • Doves

Common Clipart:

  • Roses
  • Crosses
  • Other religious symbols
  • Candles
  • Hearts
  • Angels/cherubs
  • Stairways
  • Crowns
  • Military or Organization rank/insignia
  • Ribbons for related diseases

Custom shirt print in memory of

Shirts Can And Often Should Be Used As A Fundraiser For The Family

We have a lot of folks that come in to get shirts that they are reselling to friends and family to either raise funds for the funeral or the family left behind. In doing this, the loved ones are getting a limited edition keepsake that they can proudly wear, knowing they helped this family in their time of need. We have seen families sell the shirts individually for $50 or $100 each or start a go fund me and give the shirts to folks who have donated at different leveled tiers.

Getting more shirts to resell also reduces the price of the shirts for the actual family members because the shirts are invariably cheaper in bulk.
custom shirt print in loving memory

Memorial Shirts To Help Spread Awareness About Someone Who’s Been Taken Too Soon

Shirts raise awareness about an injustice or illness that caused the premature death of a loved one. One decorated shirt has been estimated to be viewed 4,700 times in its lifetime. So, what better way to spread a message than with a shirt?

Messages on shirts are also conversation starters. It gives you an excuse to strike up a conversation with a stranger when they comment or look at your shirt.
i cant breath custom shirt las vegas

i cant breath custom shirt

R.I.P. Shirt Documentary

Want to learn more about Rest In Peace shirts, their origin, and the process other shirt makers use? Check out this thoughtful documentary on the subject.

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