New Hanes Tee Line Changing The World & Customistic!

New Hanes Tee Line Changing The World & Customistic

We have officially changed over half the products in our store to the brand-spankin’ new Hanes Perfect Tee line. Why? Let us tell you alllllll the reasons these garments are Perfect for Screen Printing, Perfect for DTG, Perfect for Vinyl, and PERFECT FOR YOU.

Clean Canvas Technology

Hanes just released their garments using new “Clean Canvas” technology, which we are super stoked about. These are the first shirts that have been successfully completely re-engineered from the cotton up to the finishing of the blank garment. They were focusing on these factors that were causing inconsistencies in prints:

  • Tight, smooth surface
  • Predictable, consistent ink absorption
  • Less fibrillation

By eliminating these problems and improving the canvas we print on, they have succeeded in:

  • Sharper Prints
  • Reducing errors caused by inconsistent coverage
  • Less Bleeding
  • Minimized Pretreatment

If you want to be hella geeky about this, check out this video that explains the new Clean Canvas technology.

Here is a sample test we just did on August 12, 2022. We have a favorite client of ours who has had bad prints with most other shops so he came to us. We recommended that we print on the Hanes 4980 Perfect Tees instead of the Next Level shirts he had been printing on. We asked to swap out one of his sample shirts for us to keep, ordered an extra shirt for us, then screen printed his order so we could have these examples.

If you want to come in and see us gush about this in person, you will be able to see what we are talking about much better, but in the meantime, here are some photos to try to explain it. The photo here is of the Next Level on the left, and the Hanes Perfect tee on the right. This is to show you the tags. While some of the differences will be because our screen print department is just the best in town, a lot of this is because of the garments themselves. Take a look.

The garment on the left has a ton of “fibrulation”. This is the fancy term for when there is white ink laid on a garment as a base, then other colors on top, resulting in shirt fibers covered in that white base to stick out and cause inconsistent print qualities. All of the white specs are from inferior shirts with too much loose fabric on them.

Here are even larger photos. The first is Next Level, the second is our Hanes 4980. Click to enlarge the photos.

So as you can see, these shirts are just THE BEST THING on the market right now for decoration!

Softer, Better Garments

Softer, Better Garments
This ultra-light jersey knit is perfect for Las Vegas weather! It has contemporary sizing for a slimmer fit and double-needle sleeve and bottom hems for a lower failure rate for the garments.

More Sustainable Garments for a Brighter Future

Hanes Brands has been focused on the commitment to “do more” to create a more comfortable world for everyone. They have been working to eliminate waste from their manufacturing process, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and strengthen the communities in which they live and work.

They have pledged to work toward improving the lives of people. They are renewing and broadening their commitments to their associates, improving Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, setting the standard for Global Ethics and Compliance (with a focus on Human Rights and Responsible sourcing), community engagement and philanthropy. Read about their commitment to People.

Unlike most other clothing brands, Hanes runs over 70% of its product and fabric manufacturing. This makes it so they can set and live up to higher standards in all areas, but especially their own company goals on environmental sustainability. With a focus on Climate, Water, Waste and Wastewater & Chemical Management, Hanes has enacted its Global Environmental Management System to make the most sustainable and cost-effective garments on the market, making their garments some of the best things you can do for the Environment.

As of the beginning of 2021, 61% of their cotton was rated sustainable, much of it from locations with more sustainable land, water, and pesticide and labor practices. They have been using recycled polyester for more than a decade and are currently using 17 million pounds of recycled polyester a year in their products. They are removing that much waste from our landfills and using it, instead of new materials, to make new garments. Their renewed focus and goals for materials, packaging, and circularity is why Hanes is absolving the crowd in regards to their Product.

See all of Hanes’ 2030 goals!

New Hanes Tee Line Changing The World & Customistic New Hanes Tee Line Changing The World & Customistic

Hanes 4 Education


In August 2020, the new Hanes4Education program empowers distributors (like Customistic) to earn cash rebates that will be donated directly to the schools of Customistic’s choosing. We have a list of local K-12 public schools in need of extra funding and will be cycling these donations through one school per quarter as long as this program is going on. For each garment purchased, $0.10 is donated to the school. Each school can receive up to $5,000 per school year, and we are projecting our area schools to collect about $2,500 per school per quarter.

US Grown Cotton

All garments in this line are made from US-grown cotton, made right here on our American farms.
We can also get very nerdy about the quality of cotton, but instead of us explaining, we are going to let Hanes explain why this policy makes for a better garment.

New Hanes Tee Line Changing The World & Customistic

But Are They REALLY That Much Better?

YES. We have done tons of testing and are in the process of fully wash testing these items (we wash test everything for 25 washes) and putting together a sample book. See the difference between Hanes t-shirts made with Clean Canvas Technology vs competitors! You can REALLY see the difference between the two after our wash testing.

OK, I’m Sold! What Garments Can I Purchase With These Magical Tags?

This line is brand new, and it’s coming out during the worst supply chain year on record. So, not all of the garments we order every week are available in the sizes and colors you need. We are slowly working on replacing all products in the store with these new lines and making sure this is what we are selling you on custom orders.


New Hanes Tee Line Changing The World & Customistic New Hanes Tee Line Changing The World & Customistic New Hanes Tee Line Changing The World & Customistic

           Hanes Perfect-T 4980                    Hanes Perfect-T Lady Vee S04V              Hanes Perfect-T Youth 498Y

                    Hanes T-Youth 498Y      RS170 Hanes Adult Hooded Sweatshirt       RS160 Hanes Adult Crewneck Sweatshirt