Where to get printing in Las Vegas?

Where to get Printing in Las Vegas

We live in Vegas. We have party city, The Strip, down the streets from our houses. We have bachelorette parties and family reunions here and with all of these events taking place it’s always fun to match with the people you’re with but you do not need 500 of the same shirts. Finding a place of custom printing in this town for a reasonable price with excellent quality can put you on the struggle bus really quickly.

Where is the best local printing?

The best local printing is by far Customistic. At Customistics we pride ourselves on having a speedy turnaround time. By speedy we mean, this is the fastest turnaround time in the city for the best price. We are able to print almost anything you could possibly think of from t-shirts, to mugs, to coaster boxes. We like to have a variety of products available for customers to choose from at Customistic.

Customer Satisfaction

At Customistic we are determined to give our customers the best experience possible with our printing services. We consider our customers family, meaning we wouldn’t give our families something of poor quality that will fall apart in a month. No! We give our customers the quality we would give our mothers. If something happens to your custom printing come back to us and we will see what we can do for you.

We’re Speedy Gonzalez!

Our turnaround time at Customistic is the fastest in the city. We guarantee a shirt or any other 1 item can be printed in 20 minutes! It takes longer for Amazon to deliver to your house. We know how busy life can get and waiting for a custom printed shirt to be ready should be at top of the quick and easy list.

How our printing works

When it comes to our printing services you can come in with your design, preferably a digital design such as a vector or PDF. If the design has a transparent background you’re good to go! We upload it to our computers and it can then be transferred online, then to any shirt or item of your choosing, cotton is usually best for printing on shirts. You don’t have to worry about bringing your design back should you want more of your item printed. We keep all designs on our computers. If you don’t want us to keep your design on our computers let us know.

We don’t judge

We know there are many different people in the city and we want everyone to feel comfortable working with us on their printing projects. This said Customistic reserves the right to refuse to print any kind of hate speech. The definition of hate speech seems to change on a daily basis, so let’s put it this way, the owner says no to a design less often than it gets to freezing in Vegas. Usually about 2 times a year orders will be declined. Don’t be that person that wants to print something that will negatively impact another, it’s not cute and not how we want to spend our day. We happily print mostly anything for our customers.

We’re local!

Customistic loves being local because we love servicing the Las Vegas community with our printing services. As a local printing company, we get to be Vegas Strong. We get to serve the community that has given so much to us. We think of the Vegas community and our customers as our family. We love to print your designs and hear the story behind the design. Come on into customistic and bring your creativity to life!